Meet Our Majors Director and Info about Major's Division  

We are here to provide you and your family with the best baseball experience possible! Please take a moment to read about our director and about the Majors Program. 

Mike Hackett 

Director of Majors 
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxxx
Email: [email protected] 

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About Mike Hackett:  Mike has been involved with WNLL going on his 5 year.  He has coached several teams from AA up to Majors including Fall Ball and All Stars. Mike is truly dedicated to the development of the Majors program.

About Majors:
The Majors division is the most advanced level of the Little League program and is open to players of league age 10 - 12. Players must attend try-outs and be evaluated on their abilities. Following try-outs, managers will draft players based upon skill assessment. Players not drafted to a Major division team will be automatically placed in the AAA division draft. Players at this level are taught advanced techniques in hitting, fielding, throwing and pitching. More complex strategies and plays are also introduced and explained. Teams in this division usually practice at least two times per week on non-game days. The Majors division follows Little League pitching rules and games are officiated by qualified umpires. The level of play is competitive and game scores, player statistics and win/loss records are maintained.  All Major division teams participate in a post-season tournament.

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