Challenger Division 

About: Division designated for players with Any and All types of disabilities.  Players work with a buddy who helps them as needed during practice and in the games. 

Ages 9 - 22: ( Must be enrolled in school )

Registration is Free

Registration Opens 

June 22

Season Runs

June thru August  

Potential Question and Answers  

Q. What do players need to bring to practice and games?

A.  Just a glove and water.  If they want they can bring their own bat or helmet. We have helmets and bats they can use.  If your player doesn't have a glove Please let me know so we can make arrangements to get them a glove they can borrow.      

Q. What baseball attire do the players need?

A.  They can wear shorts or pants.  Whatever they feel most comfortable in.  They also can wear sneakers or cleats. Please NO flipflops or open toe shoes unless your player medically needs to wear them. 

Q.  What are the practices and games like?

A.  The practices are designed to give the players an understanding of the layout of the field and basic skills on how the game is played. The games are fun. No one keeps score and everyone gets on base. The last batter in the line up gets a Grandslam! 

Q. Do you use a buddy system like the ones they use in Basketball and other unified sports?

A.  Yes, we pair up each player with a buddy to help assist and protect the player while they are in the field. Depending on the player's ability the buddy can help field or throw the ball for the player.  

Q. Do we have to travel for games?

A. Yes, unfortunately, we do need to travel at times.  However the farthest we travel this season will be about 40 minutes away. 

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Janis Barton
[email protected]  

Vice Director
Karl Barton 


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