This Winter Clinic is designed to be Fun and instructional for the younger players.  Players age 4 to 7 will find our coaches fun and engaging. This program will help get your player off and on the right track before the spring 2022 season. Space is very limited So we are running two 4 week Session with only 15 spots available per session.  

Session 1 

Clinic Dates:



Total Registration Fee:



Bradford Elementary
15 Church St Bradford RI 

Session 2 

Clinic Dates


Total Registration Fee 

Bradford Elementary School
15 Church St Bradford RI  

Frequently Asked Questions

QAm I allowed to be in the building with my player during the clinic? 

A. Unfortunately at this time due to covid restrictions parents must wait outside the building after they drop off their player.

Q. Do my players need to wear a mask?

A. Yes all players and coaches must wear a mask while participating during the winter clinic. 

Q. How do I register my son or daughter?

A. Easy you go through our website like you would normally register for spring or fall.  If this is your first time ever registering a player.  You will first need to set up your account through our website. 

Q. What should my player bring to the clinic?  

A.  Players should wear baseball pants or sweat pants.  Sneakers ONLY NO Cleats. Players need their baseball glove.  Players should also bring a water bottle. Other items they should bring if they have them. A USA Approve Bat, and Batting gloves.  

Q. Can I help Volunteer at the clinic and how?

A. Yes you can help.  All you have to do is when you are filling out the registration for your player.  Click on either head or assistant coach.  We will send you information through your email to run a background check.  All back ground checks must be done before you can help.

Q. How are the players separated into groups?

A. The players are separated into groups bases one age and ability.

Q. What are the age ranges ?

A. Right now our ages range from players little league age 4 up age 7

Q. What happens in the event of a snow day or cancellation?  

A. Unfortunately in the event of a snow day we lose that day. Fortunately over the past 3 years we have not had a snow day.

For Further Question Please Contact 

Email [email protected]

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