2023 WNLL Raffle Ticket Fundraiser 

Total Prize Money Payout $1,500

About: The 2023 WNLL Ticket Raffle is our fundraiser for 2023. The reason for the raffle is because our league operates separately and independently from our town because we are on private property. We are responsible for all the cost, upkeep and maintenance at our fields. We desperately are in need of field upgrades and maintenance equipment as well as equipment for our players.  All monies will go directly into equipment and much needed field upgrades. 

How it Works: The raffle tickets are sold and the person purchasing the ticket will fill out the ticket and keep the ticket stub in at the point of purchase. The ticket will go into a drawing. The Drawing will be held on June 10th at 10:00 Am at the field. 

Winning Prizes: 

First Place $1,000.00

Second Place $300.00

Third Place $200.00

How to purchase Tickets:  Tickets will be sold by the players or at the concession stand. 

Ticket Drawing: The Drawing will be on June 10th  at 10:00 Am.  You Do NOT Need to be Present in order to win if you purchased a ticket and your ticket is one of the winners.  

Questions and Answers 

Q. How much are the tickets?

A.  $20.00 Each 

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Cash or Check only at this time.

Q. How will I know if I won.

A. When you fill out the ticket. You will write down your name, address, phone, and email so that we may contact you.  We will also post the winners on our website.

Q. How are winners paid?

A. All winners are paid in the form of a check.

Q. Where do I collect my prize money if I win?

A. You can collect it at the concession stand. Don't forget to bring one form of valid form of Identification.  Ie Drivers License, Passport, Military ID etc . Along with your winning ticket stub! 

Q. Who do I contact if I won

A. Please email us at [email protected]  Or Call us at (401) 479-6846 

Good Luck everyone and Thank you for helping support our League and our Local youth!

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