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Nov, 2018

Volunteers Needed

Please Read !!

Parents, we need your help. Just like a car without gas, our league doesn't run without your help.  All of you have many different qualities and skills that can help grow our league.   

Let me share with you a brief lesson I learned. It was last season when I was mowing the Double-A- field.  (It’s the field that the kid's age 6 to 7  on).  I was mowing near the dugout.  I said to myself, wow I can remember when I first stepped into that dugout with my son.  Then, like hit me! The realization that my son will never play on this field again because he was moving up to the Triple-A Field.  

No longer would I ever pitch or help him hold his bat in a game. It was at that point a flood of memories of the past seasons and also the sad realization that his time with Little League is getting shorter and shorter with each season.  It was as if the Ghost of Baseball past reminded me of how short my sons time with Little League truly was. Up until that point I never really thought about it.  We all live crazy busy lives and time seems to go faster the more we do. I never stopped to think that there's more to just dropping him off at games and practices. 

 It was at that point I had said to myself that I was going to volunteer more of my time and to be as much involved as possible. I wanted to truly be a part of his Little League experience. I was and still am committed to making it the Best Little League experience not only for my son but for all the players that  I want to look back years from now and not have that feeling of regret or what I missed out on or could have done better to help.  I want to look back and remember that I was part of a special family helping make our League the Best and something our Children can be Proud of. 

 I can tell you that helping volunteer with Little League has been a wonderful experience.  Being part of this organization has not only helped my son grow into a better baseball player, but it has also taught him to work as a team and help others. It has also helped me in teaching my son that it takes more than showing up to practices and games to be able to play on a nice field. He knows now that it takes many hours of dedication and hard work to make and keep our fields and baseball complex in the great shape that it's in. It shows him that it takes the heart of volunteers to give themselves and their time to make the best one our children can be part of.  

Parents- don’t wait or miss out on an opportunity to help and be a bigger part of our Little League family.  I promise you that you will remember more than just the games or practices you watch.  You will remember that you were part of something special and something bigger than your sons or daughters team. You will remember that you were part of making everything that is.  By Volunteering your time you will be rewarded by more memories at the field helping provide the Best and the only One Little League Experience that they will get in their lifetime.  

In closing, 

If you take anything away from what you just read, please remember this: Our Children grow up fast and they only get ONE Little League Experience in their lifetime! Help to make it a great one by volunteering and setting the example for your children and generations to come. 


Vice President

Art Burton

(401) 479-6846 

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