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Apr, 2020

Recent WNLL Update

Good afternoon WNLL Families, I hope you are all safe and doing well. I want to continue to keep you all updated about our League and the steps we are taking during this pandemic. I am confident that we will have some kind of season. It will be different than the ones we have had in the past, but the game of baseball will not change. 

Planning- The Board has been holding meetings every two weeks and discussing different options and preparing for a season. What that season will look like depends on a lot of variables. Rest assured, we will have multiple back up plans and the ability to be flexible once things begin to resume back to normal and we return to the fields.

Registration- We remain open until the end of May.  We understand that for some families these are financially difficult times.  Please remember that we have different options for registration. We don't want families worried about registration costs over food and other household and essential bills. Please remember in order to utilize one of these options you must email us at First. The reason for this is because of the website that we use for our registrations, (it will only allow us to manually enter the different payment options individually.)    

Payment Options  

1. Pay for just the uniform and roll the rest of the balance over to be paid on or before next season.

T-Ball - AAA Ages 4 - 9 $20.00 

Majors - Seniors Ages 10 - 16  $ 40.00

2. Don't pay and Roll your entire registration fee over to be paid on or before fall or next spring season.

3. Scholarships

Unfortunately at this time the Little League Call Up Grant through T-Mobil is no longer available. Don't worry because we will NOT turn any player away due to financial hardship.

Fields- The fields are still closed to the public.  Thank you everyone for your cooperation with this. The fields are still being maintained and will be ready and looking great for play once we can start. 

Coaches & Parents- Virtual  Coaches Clinic. Coaches and Parents, if you click on USA Baseball Virtual Coaching Clinic you can enroll for free for these virtual coaching clinics. The dates for these clinics are April 4th & April 8th from 12 to 3 p.m 

In The Meantime Players-
  I know being cooped up like this can be difficult to work on your baseball skills.  Do your Best! In difficult situations you need to be able to adapt and overcome. As an example, Hall of fame pitcher Mariano Rivera growing up had to make his own glove out of cardboard. Remember, a situation only becomes impossible when you let it! There are still a lot of different skills that your players can work on by themselves, with a parent, or sibling. There are  different drills that they can do at home or with a family member.  if you go to Little Leagues website or USA Baseball there are many different videos of drills they can do.  

Contact Us- Please don't hesitate to contact us at for any questions or concerns you may have.    

Deepest Thanks-  Myself along with the board are extremely Thankful for all of your patience and understanding. What we are going through is a test. It is a test of our patience, our will, our humanity, and our ability to stand together.  I could not be more Proud and Thankful to be a part of such a close knit League and Community. We WNLL & Westerly are one big family and together we will overcome this!  


Art Burton
WNLL President 

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